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Excellent quality masonic regalia and supplies, at affordable and sensible prices.

Welcome to the Crest Regalia website. We are manufacturers and suppliers of superb Freemason's regalia and Masonic supplies: we provide Masonic aprons, collars, sashes, jewels and much more. Whether you're in Craft, Mark, Knights Templar, an Irish lodge, Order of the Secret Monitor or anything in between, Crest Regalia has the perfect regalia for you.

The Crest Regalia website has an extensive collection of Regalia, but if there is anything you can't see on here please call us (01709 531572) as we may have it in stock at our regalia factory. Masonic Lodges are always most welcome to visit our manufacturing factory here in Rotherham, where we would be delighted to show you our regalia and jewels being manufactured as you watch.

If you would like to speak to us, please telephone us on 01709 531572


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