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24 inch Guage
Silver Plated 24" - 3 part folding guage British Manufactured ..
Ex Tax: £39.40
Bible - Collins Masonic Presentation
A perfect gift for the initiate. Collins Masonic Presentation Bible. King James Version. Masonic ..
Ex Tax: £30.00
Book Of Constitutions (UGLE) 2012 edition
The Brand New 2012 Book Of Constitutions is now available to order   The new 2012 Book of..
Ex Tax: £12.00
Craft (sky blue) Apron Badge
Often added to a Craft apron for the Worshipful Master Senior Warden and Junior Warden. Please infor..
Ex Tax: £26.95
Craft Bi-Centenary Breast Jewels
Is your Lodge 200 years old? This Bi - Centenary Jewel is beautifully manufatured in the famous B..
Ex Tax: £0.00
Craft Centenary Breast Jewels
Please state the Lodge Name, Lodge Number, Year of consecration: Note: Price shown per Jewel - ..
Ex Tax: £0.00
Craft DISTRICT (overseas) Past Rank Jewel - Oval
Oval locket type traditional Past District Grand Rank Jewel For Provincial (UK) use R0210 ..
Ex Tax: £31.95
Craft Entered Apprentice Apron
Masonic Craft Entered Apprentice's Apron - Real Lambskin * Highest Quality Real Lambskin handmade..
Ex Tax: £19.84
Craft Fellow Craft Apron
The Finest Quality! The Finest Fellowcraft Apron you will find. Real Lambskin, with Rossettes, &..
Ex Tax: £21.66
Craft Grand Rank Full Dress Apron & Collar
Very best quality Grand Lodge Full Dress Apron & Collar. Manufactured to a particularly high sta..
Ex Tax: £383.33
Craft Grand Rank Gauntlets
Fully hand embroidered. Price per pair. Hand Made to order Example shown are for the French const..
Ex Tax: £184.94
Craft Grand Rank Offer
When you order the full set of Craft Grand Lodge Full Dress and Undress Regalia.   This O..
£550.00 £450.00
Ex Tax: £375.00
Craft Grand Rank Past Rank Jewel
Past rank jewel - Locket type ..
Ex Tax: £17.69
Craft Grand Rank Undress Apron and Collar
Quality skin. Hand embroidered, including levels, complete with pocket. Excellant Quality.   ..
Ex Tax: £126.30
Craft Master Mason Apron
Direct from the manufacturer Top quality Master Masons apron  Available in either Lambine or ..
Ex Tax: £30.00
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